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I write and illustrate books for children and young adults. I have also written a narrative non-fiction about growing up in Australia in the 1960s and 70s, which can best be described as a riotous romp down Memory Lane!

In past lives, I trained variously as a primary school teacher, a graphic designer, a copywriter/art director and a nurse. The first three set me up for a career writing for kids but the nursing inspired my first ever book which I wrote and illustrated at age seven. Entitled: How to become a Nurse, it’s both adorable (well, the words are) and terrifying (the pictures!) Nonetheless, I consider it an ‘antique’ these days and always take it with me when I do author visits at schools. The kids love it because it’s unique, lovable and a timeless yardstick by which I can measure my journey as a writer and illustrator.

I’m married to a handsome prince called David (well, the handsome part is true) and have four gorgeous children – two grown up and married and two newly grown up and just starting to journey out into the big, wide world.

I love being a mum so much, that when my youngest daughter finished school in 2018 I held the priceless honour of making school lunches and going to parent-teacher interviews for over 30 years without a break! (Possible gold star on the Star Chart for that?)

I grew up in Normanhurst, Sydney and now live on Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches with my family. I have a sit-at-my-feet dog called Faramir and two very naughty cats called Scout and Boo Radley, (yes, there’s an unmistakable literary theme running in my house!) Boo and Scout are partners-in-crime who lounge all over my keyboard, my art desk and anywhere else they’re not supposed to lounge.

I’m not afraid of spiders, snakes or ghosts but wild horses couldn’t drag me onto a roller coaster!

If you’d like to know more about my work, click here to get in touch.

Thanks for visiting!

Belinda x

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